Air Respiratory System

The Parweld XR936A combines the Parweld XR936H Light Reactive Welding Helmet with a clean air respiratory unit to provide the user with added protection against welding fume, dust particles and aerosols.

• Clean Air Unit
The Parweld powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) provides a steady stream of clean air into the welding mask. The air is fed into the helmet above the welder’s head and exits below the chin. The air stream combined with the positive pressure created within the helmet prevents contaminated air entering the breathing zone.

• Portable and Lightweight
The main unit and battery pack are carried by the user on a support belt around the waist, which is connected to the welding helmet by a lightweight umbilical hose.

• Adjustable Air Flow
The air flow rate can be adjusted from 150 to 220lpm by means of a push button panel with led indication. In the event of a flow rate falling below the
minimum required level to give protection the blower unit will automatically increase the fan speed to compensate. If the minimum flow rate cannot be
achieved then an alarm will sound so that the operator can leave the work area safely, if the first alarm is ignored the unit will then start to vibrate and increase the volume of the alarm. The Li-ion battery pack is rechargeable and will operate from 6 to 15 hours continuously, dependant on operational mode.

• Pre-filters and Filters
The XR936A uses a 2 stage filter process, the main P3 filter gives the required essential isolation against welding particles, smoke and dust providing the user with a protection factor of 20. The standard filter can be complemented with a pre filter which removes large dust particles and so extends the life of the main filter.

• Conforms to International Standards
The XR936A Air Flow System is independently certified to BS EN 12941 TH2P R SL. The XR936H Light Reactive Welding and Grinding Helmet is independently certified to BS EN 379:2003+A1:2009, BS EN 175:1997

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• Portable and Lightweight
• Protects Against Dust Particles, Solid and Liquid Aerosols and Smoke
• Constant Filtered Air Flow
• Lightweight Li-ion Removable Battery
• Audible, Visible and Vibration Warning Alarms for Low Power, Low Air-flow and Blocked Filter

XR936H Light Reactive Welding Helmet
• Automatic Light Adjustment from light to dark in 1/30,000th of a second
• Shade Control from DIN5-13
• Variable Sensitivity
• Grinding Mode
• 3 Lightening Delay Settings
• Full Face Coverage
• Automatic Power On/Off
• Battery Life Expectancy 6 Years
• UV/IR Protection up to shade DIN 16
• 24 Months Warranty (6 Months on Battery)


BS EN 379, BS EN 175, EN 166

Viewing Area

100mm x 52mm / 3.94″ x 2.05″

UV/IR protection

Permanent Shade DIN16

Light State

DIN Shade 4

Dark State

DIN Shade 5 to 13 Variable

Power Supply

Solar cells with replaceable batteries

Power On/Off

Fully automatic

Switching Time Light to Dark

1/30,000 Seconds

Switching Time Dark to Light

0.1-1.0 seconds (internal variable)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +70°C (-4°F to -158°F)

Helmet Material

High Impact Polyamide Nylon

Total Weight


Minimum Amperage Required


Minimum Flow

150-220 l/min

Protection and Noise Level

TH2 P, NPF 20, 65db

Li-ion Battery Lifetime

350 Charging Cycles

One Charging Cycle

3 to 4 hours

Battery Operating Time After Charge

6 to 8 hours

Belt Size

80 – 100 cm

Recommended Working Temperature

0 to 40°C

Recommended Working Humidity

20 to 80% RH


Air Respiratory System


Light Reactive Airfed Unit

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