Design and Manufacture

Parweld has design and manufacturing facilities in the UK and China, we have a wealth of experience and skills that allow us to design, manufacture and source welding related products. Our dual centre approach provides the "best of both worlds", with short lead times, the ability to produce completely bespoke products, excellent transport links and warehousing. This enables us to easily adapt to our customer's demands while maintaining complete control over the quality and consistency of our products.

Dual manufacturing sites offers highly skilled production and can quickly produce bespoke torches whatever your requirements may be. Whether you need 1 or 1000 torches, the Parweld Team has the flexibility, knowledge and technology to meet your needs.

We have an extensive track record of taking ideas from concept through to the manufactured product, but our process doesn't stop there. We are continually working to improve, enhance and expand our existing products based on customer feedback and technological advances within the industry.

Our ever-growing team of designers and engineers all have a vast array of first-hand experience of welding applications and an in-depth understanding of the demands of the product's operational environment. Throughout the design process, our products go through comprehensive testing using advanced 3D design and modelling software and prototyping, as well as extensive on site application testing.

It's in the detail
Productivity is not just about the performance of the product. It's usability too. So we focus on the user. What can we do to make their job easier? What can we do to improve the performance of both the equipment and the user?
  • Hanger Hooks - East to store, so the torch is less prone to damage. Standard on most MIG torches.
  • Hyperflex ® and Hydroflex ® cable systems - outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Water-cooler systems use high-temperature resistant rubber to ensure leak free terminations.
  • Gun plug bodies and machine end systems - spring loaded pin as standard. Guaranteed gas seals. Cable support for smooth and consistent wire feed.
  • Knuckle joint and cable supports - improved maneuverability, enable small movements of handle and neck independently of the power cable. The perfect balance of freedom and support.
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