EI 309L 2.50 X 300MM 1.75KG VAC-PAC


Electrode for joining dissimilar steels (austenitic steels to ferritic steels) and for austenitic claddings on ferritic steels. Weld metal consists of austenite with approx. 15% delta-ferrite. Claddings on unalloyed and low alloy steels are already corrosion resistant in the first layer. Higher operating temperature for joints between dissimilar steels is +300°C. In case of higher temperatures use ENI 422 electrodes. Fine metal droplet transfer, good fusion of joint faces, finely ripped bead surface, easy slag removal, easy arc striking and restriking.

  • Packaging Vac Pac
  • Brand Magmaweld
  • Diameter 2.5mm
  • Grade E309L
  • Length 300mm
  • Type Stainless Steel
  • Weight 1.75kg

Standards •EN ISO 3581 - A E 23 12 L R 12 •TS EN ISO 3581 - A E 23 12 L R 12 •AWS/ASME SFA - 5.4 E309L-16

Approval • TUV • CE • BV • CWB • DB • DNV-GL

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