FCW 21 E70C-6 Metal Cored Wire 1.2mm


Metal Flux Cored Welding Wire

Slagless metal powder cored electrode with outstanding welding properties in the short-arc and spray arc range. Weld metal has very high toughness and charpy impact resistance, so it is suitable and reliable to use down to -40°C. Almost spatter-free when welding in the spray-arc range with mixed gas. Good restriking, even with cold wire tip, thus being suitable for robot application. Characteristic features high deposition rate and welding speed, good side wall fusion, finely rippled welds, without undercutting into the base metal, not even on contaminated or corroded metal surfaces. Little formation of silicates on weld surface, so that multi-pass welds can be made without cleaning. Due to its easily controllable weld pool in the short-arc range, FCW 21 is well-suited for root-and positional welding and gap bridging. 

  • Packaging Cardboard
  • Diameter 1.2mm
  • Grade E70C-6 1.2mm
  • Type Steel
  • Weight 15kg


• EN ISO 17632-A  T46 4 M M 2 H5

• TS EN ISO 17632-A  T46 4 M M 2 H5

• AWS/ASME SFA-5.18  E70C-6M H4




• CE


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