Pro-Grip MAX® TIG Torch with Valve Head x 12ft (3.8m) c/w Vinyl Power Cable, Sheathed & Switched

Parweld LTD

Air Cooled Pro-Grip MAX® TIG Torch, 150A DC, 115A AC @ 60% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7, 0.5mm-3.2mm (.020”-1/8”) Electrodes

The Parweld Pro-Grip MAX® TIG torch range is designed to replace the conventional WLD style torch.

Ergonomic Handle - the comfortable handle design replaces the standard barrel design offering improved grip and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury. Improved Grip - a finger location has been added to the base of the handle offering greater comfort at the bottom of the torch as well as the top. Integrated Ball Joint - improves flexibility and manoeuvrability. Also has the added benefit of protecting the cables from sharp bends and therefore extending the life of cables and hoses.

Barcode: 5055365481662

  • Cooling Air
  • Duty Cycle 115A AC @ 60%
  • Range PRO
  • Torch Body PRO17V
  • Torch Head PRO17V
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