XP8 450W Water Cooled Torch


450A, 15.8kW, Mixed Gas (80/20) @ 100% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7

Every component in the XP8 has been designed and manufactured using high specification materials, with performance and service life in mind. We focus on the user, and have worked to ensure that every aspect of the torch is simple, efficient and effective. We continuously innovate to ensure that the XP8 torch is at the forefront of performance and technology. Reduced downtime - productivity is the key, with the XP8’s industry leading 80% duty cycle on air cooled torches keep welding for longer. Exceptional cooling - our patented gas flow technology uses the shielding gas to force cool the contact tip. Superior ergonomics - designed to give a neutral wrist position and reduce RSI risks. Extended consumable life span - contact tips last twice as long as our competitors.

Barcode: 5055365395167

  • Amperage 450A
  • Brand XP8
  • Cable Length 3m
  • Cooling Water
  • Euro Standard EN60974-7
  • Gas Mix 80/20
  • KW 15.8
  • Wire Size 1.0mm-2.4mm (.040”-3/32”)
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