Prototyping is the design verification phase of Product Development.  For Parweld it isPrototype_TIG-Handle a key stage in the design process as it allows us to put the product through our internal design and testing facilities.  It enables us to monitor product performance against the design brief and allows us to deploy the product to the user and get real life feedback. Our high quality prototypes ensure that our products meet the customers requirements.

At Parweld we work to understand exactly what our customer want from our products. We take feedback very seriously and incorporate this into all stages of the design process.

Advanced 3D modelling software is used to produce plastic prototypes using the latest 3D printing techniques which allows us to be testing a new design within a couple of days. The metal components are designed in the same way, through datalinks to CNC Machine tools on our factory floor metal parts can be produced with similar speed.

Prototypes are put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensPrototyping2ure the product delivers the design requirements and withstands the rigours of a working environment. Parweld’s performance requirement’s often go far beyond the basic requirements for EU and ISO compliance and reflect a real operating environment.

After internal testing products are placed on field trials to verify the reliability and performance.

Our internal design and testing facilities enable us to monitor product quality from the initial raw material through to the finished product.

Extensive testing of Parweld products ensure that our products will function in real life. The equipment utilised has been specifically designed and built internally to allow us to test exact features of each product.