New Catalogue Now Here!

We are pleased to announce that our new catalogue is now available! We’ve been working extremely hard, and with more than 400 pages and a whole new look and feel, this is our biggest and most comprehensive catalogue to date.

We have completely updated the look and feel of our catalogue, and almost all of our ranges have new additions and developments.  New and updated products include:

  • XP8 rotating neck MIG torches (Pro-Grip MAX® BZL MIG version also available)
  • XP8 Push Pull MIG torches (Pro-Grip MAX® BZL MIG version also available)
  • BZL Pro-Grip MAX® control MIG torch
  • Pro-grip MAX® TWC MIG torches
  • Pro-grip MAX® BND MIG torches
  • Pro-FC Flux Cored MIG range additions
  • TIG Gas Saver consumables
  • Pro-Grip MAX® Hybrid TIG torch
  • PRO Swivel Neck torches
  • Modular Flex Neck torch heads
  • Plasma range additions and updates
  • Machine range additions and updates
  • Panther PPE updates
  • Panther Pro range
  • Helmet additions and updates

We hope our new catalogue demonstrates the quality and scope of our product lines, We are continually working to improve and develop our product range based on customer feedback and extensive real world testing.

The entire new catalogue is now available to view online, along with pdfs of individual pages available for download.

If you haven’t had your catalogue in the post yet please contact sales to request a copy. For availability and pricing of new products please contact sales, or alternatively speak to your nearest distributor.