HEL Performance Motostar British Championship

Parweld – Proudly Sponsoring Taylor Fox Moreton

Taylor Fox Moreton (aka Tfox) is the 16 year old young talent sponsored by Parweld. Taylor (racing number 89) ranks in the top 10 of races since 2007, and was 2nd in his last race in 2016 for the KTM British Junior Cup, along with his team Banks Racing.

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Taylor is currently racing in The HEL Performance Motostar British Championship (MCE BSB). This championship has a huge following of fans who follow all around the UK. That is a testament to the teams and riders who push themselves and their bikes to the limit, whilst never forgetting that they’re racing to entertain the massive crowds at the circuits. The MCE BSB bikes average more than 180bhp and are capable of reaching 200mph. If you haven’t witnessed the atmosphere first hand, the explosive acceleration off the line or the riders rubbing elbows at incredible speeds – then you really should!

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Excitingly this year he is also trying out to enter The British Talent Cup. This is the latest addition to the honour roll of young rider support and talent promotion. Selection set to take place in August 2017 and the engines ready to fire up next year.

Designed to develop British riders who would otherwise struggle to gain an opportunity to showcase their talent, the Cup will race at Dorna-run events. These include the UK Round of WorldSBK at Donington Park and the British GP at Silverstone. A range of circuits in the UK and Spain form a tentative base for the proposed calendar, and the bike will be a Honda NSF 250R Moto3 machine. Riders coming through the new Cup also have the incentive of seeing the British Talent Team in Moto3™, knowing there is a program designed around their journey to the World Championship. Dorna is supporting British talent on every rung of the ladder.

The team at Parweld have been avidly following Taylor’s progress, and we wish him the best of luck!