Pro Grip Max® BND PEZ 400E Air Cooled Mig Torch

The Parweld BND Mig torch range has been designed to improve functionality, durability and operator productivity. The Pro-Grip MAX® BND offers the classic BND performance combined with the superior comfort and manoeuvrability of our Pro-Grip MAX® handle.

320A CO2 270A Mixed Gas @ 60% Duty Cycle

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duty cycle


Quality Standards

• All torches rigorously tested at design stage through to production
• All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly
• All torches are designed to be tough and damage resistant, complying with EN60974-13


Cable Length

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key features

• Ergonomically Superior Handle designed for balance, lightness and strength
• Highly manoeuvrable with small movements of the handle and neck possible independently of the cable assembly
• Hyperflex® Cable Systems offering outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable
• Spring Loaded Gun Plug
• Ergonomically superior
• Integrated soft grips ensure the handle remains in place with minimal grip pressure
• Screwless design for rapid servicing.

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