BZL Push Pull 360A

BZL Design
The BZL Push Pull 360A has the same quality features as the Pro-Grip Max® BZL Range.
Quick change neck with dedicated neck liners.

Dramatically reduced welder fatigue due to light weight, weighing in at only 1.8KG – almost 1kg less than competitors push pull torches.
Ergonomic handle gives maximum comfort and grip, perfectly balanced for heavy use.

Torch can be ordered with interface units compatible to your power source and will suit almost any power source configuration.
Remote speed control on the torch is available as an option.

300A CO2 270A Mixed Gas @ 60% duty cycle

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key features

• Dramatically reduced welder fatigue due to light weight – only 1.8KG.
• Ergonomic handle gives maximum comfort and grip, perfectly balanced for heavy use.
• Recessed guarded trigger reduces the risk of unintentional activation.
• Integrated high level grip, robust and balanced ergonomic handle design.
• Modern, European manufactured, DC motor, smaller, lighter and more powerful.
• Constant speed output therefore constant wire feed and weld appearance.
• 27m (88ft) per minute maximum wire feed speed.
• High flex system for maximum manoeuvrability without resistance.
• Easy access hinged cover.
• Range of drive rolls.
• Easily adjustable feed roll pressure.
• Wide range of necks available in various combinations of length and bend angle.
• Fully rotating neck for multi-positional welding in those limited access, difficult to reach locations. Offering better welder comfort and reducing fatigue.
• Three drive control module options; Machine local mounted, or
• 24/42V DC converter for machines with existing Push Pull outlet.
• Quick and easy change over with dedicated neck liners.
• Option torch mounted variable wire feed rate control.



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