Pro-Grip® SB 250A Air Cooled Control Torch

The Pro-Grip Max® Control Handle allows the user to control welding machine parameters directly from the torch.

The Air Cooled Control Torch Control modules are available in 2 and 4 button versions, and can be assembled to the handle in seconds.

The Control modules are powered by the native control voltage of the power source through the existing trigger wires, so no additional wiring or connectors are required on the power source. When a button is pressed it returns a unique voltage back to the machine. The power source uses simple logic to act on the voltages being received.

Note: Power source must be compatible with this control method in order for the system to work. For more information and to check suitability please contact sales.

How to Order
For complete torches with 2 or 4 button control, suffix the stock code with either 2 or 4. For example PRO2500-30ER2. For control modules only, see stock codes above.

For the best use of this torch, we recommend using it with the XTM201Di Multi-Process Digital Inverter.

230A, CO2 200A Mixed Gas @ 60% Duty Cycle

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Additional information

Quality Standards

• All torches are rigorously tested at the design stage through to production
• All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly
• All torches are designed to be tough, damage resistant and comply to EN60974-7

duty cycle


key features

• Ergonomically superior Pro-Grip® Handle System with Integrated Dual Soft Grips, enhanced wire feeding performance
• Designed to maximise performance, durable and robust
• Hyperflex® Cable Systems – air cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Cable end crimp systems ensure maximum conductivity
• Ground Breaking Design Ergonomics
• Integrated Knuckle Joint Systems
• Build and Performance Standards Exceed OEM Equipment
• 4 Button MIG Control Module – Allows the selection and adjustment of multiple parameters on the power source for complete remote control.
• 2 Button MIG Control Module – Allows the up/down control of a single predefined parameter such as synergic power control or wire speed.

Cable Length





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