PRO-FC 350A Self Shielding Flux Cored Welding Torch

The Parweld PRO-FC range has been specifically designed for use with gasless flux cored wires in field applications.

Available with a range of neck angles and rodker dwitch with dual schedule functionality.

350A @ 60% Duty Cycle

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Quality Standards

• All torches are rigorously tested at the design stage through to production
• All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly
• All torches are designed to be tough, damage resistant and comply to EN60974-7

duty cycle


key features

• Swan Necks interchangable and rotatable necks with numerous length and bend options enables access to inaccessable welds
• Dual Mode Rocker Switch Option availabel for wire speed adjustment while welding and additional internal trigger leads ensure no loose cables
• Hyperflex™ Cable Systems – air cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Cable end crimp systems ensure maximum conductivity
• Protection – Thread protector protects the front end consumables from welding debris, Hand Guard protects the welder from arc heat
• Knuckle Joint System allows small movements of the handle and neck independently from the cable assembly

Cable Length

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