XP8 350A Rotating Neck Air Cooled Torch

The Parweld XP8 350A Rotating Neck Mig torch range sets standards in design, innovation and performance. Extensive research has resulted in Parweld patenting a unique gas flow technology and the water cooled models to have a 100% duty cycle, allowing continuous welding. The superior materials combined with stringent design and performance criteria has resulted in an entire range of consumables wih dramatically improved life expectancy – the XP8 contact tip’s life is over twice that of comparable torches.

With the same high performance features as the standard XP8 torch, Parweld now offer a fully rotating neck for multi-positional welding.

Enabling the user to comfortably weld in difficult to reach locations, the XP8 rotating neck reduces fatigue and allows a high quality weld whatever the position.

350A, 10.5kW Mixed Gas (80/20) @ 80% Duty Cycle

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