A Guide to Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

Carbide rotary burrs are used in many industries involved in metal working for cutting and shaping, grinding and removing excess material and sharp edges. They are ideal for deburring, finishing, carving, shaping and smoothing welds, moulds, dies and forgings. Carbide burrs are effectively a rotary file […]

New Synergic MIG Inverters

XTM 182I Synergic MIG Inverter Introducing the New XTM 182I MIG Inverter which will weld 180A @ 20% Duty Cycle. Suitable for light industrial manufacturing, maintenance repair, sheet metal work and automotive work. The XTM 182I is capable of welding material upto 6mm thick. With […]

New Plasma Inverters

XTP 63 Inverter Plasma Cutter Introducing the New XTP 63 Professional Level Air Plasma Cutter with a production cut of 20mm. Housed in a compact case, the XTP 63 performs with a 40A @ 60% Duty Cycle and is ideal for industrial manufacturing, metal fabrication, […]

NEW TIG Inverters

XTT 200 DC Pulsed TIG Inverter Introducing the New Professional Level XTT 200 DC Pulsed TIG Inverter Machine. The XTT 200 DCP features HF Arc Starting, Digital control and is generator friendly, and is suitable for all markets from light industrial manufacturing to site work. The […]

New MMA Inverters

New XTS 142 MMA Inverter The New introductory level XTS 142MMA offers a highly portable, lightweight  MMA machine that can weld upto 3.2mm electrodes. The XTS 142 will perform 140A @ 20% Duty Cycle and is ideal for Maintenance Repair, DIY and the Agricultural Market. New XTS 162 and XTS […]